Is your pet harness crash tested?

Best crash-tested pet harnesses

Crash-tested pet harnesses by the Center for Pet Safety

For decades seat belts have been an important part of automotive safety. Throughout the year various organizations test seat belts and automotive equipment to ensure that will keep people safe. Whether you’re running errands across town or are taking a long road trip, it’s nice to have peace of mind that your vehicle’s seat belt and other safety technologies are there to protect you. But what about your pet? Are they protected? Not only can a pet be seriously injured in the event of a crash, but it can also become a projectile in the event of a crash. Fortunately, there are options out there to protect you and your pet.

Best crash-tests pet harnesses for dogs

There are thousands upon thousands of pet carriers and harnesses on the market today, but there was no organization crash testing these products. In 2003 the Center for Pet Safety sought to find a solution and crash tested a variety of Best dog parks near St. Peters, MOcarriers and harnesses for dogs and cats. The tested were simply enough and used a device with a vehicle “seat” to move the test product and pet “dummy” forward to simulate a crash.

The results were astounding. Crash tests resulted in catastrophic failure of the majority of those products. Some harnesses would break or come unbuckled upon impact while hard-topped carriers of plastic and metal shattered.

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Crash testing proved to be the great equalizer between these various harness and carrier options. While the Center found that many products it tested didn’t provide crash protection, it also found there were products that did. The 2013 Top Performer was the Sleepypod Clickit Utility Safety Harness and four Sleepypod pet carriers also received top marks. In June 2015, the Center also tested the Gunner Kennel G1 Intermediate, which is a hard plastic crate. The product scored a 5-star rating.

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You can learn more about the Center for Pet Safety at What do you think of the harnesses listed there? What products do you use to keep your pets safe? Let us know in the comments below.