Is it cheaper to change your own oil?

Is it cheaper to change your own oil?

It’s always nice to have more money in your pocket. Whether you are saving for a major purchase or simply are trying to plan for the future, there are a variety of ways to save extra money each month. For some individuals and families that means taking private transportation or eating all meals at home. It also means trying to cut back on expenses whenever they can. With that said, is changing your car’s oil yourself an effective way to save money? It all really depends.

Should you change your own oil to save money?

Routine automotive maintenance is easy and straightforward to do on your own after you have done it a few times. Changing your vehicle’s oil is a great way to start doing routine automotive maintenance on your own. It could be a money saver depending on a few things.

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First, do you have a place do the oil change and the appropriate tools? A garage or driveway work well. Secondly, do you have the time to research and buy the supplies you need for the oil change and then do the work? It takes time to set everything up, complete the oil change and then clean up. Allow yourself 45 minutes to an hour to get the hang of changing the oil the first few times you do it.

Finally, do have a way to properly dispose the used oil?If you are changing your vehicle’s oil yourself it will be an investment of time and money. If you don’t have the time, a place to do the oil change, the right tools, or the appropriate resources, then changing the oil yourself might end up costing you more money than it would getting it done by a mechanic.

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No matter what you decide, our team of experts are here to help. Ed Napleton Honda St. Peters is home to a dedicated service department staffed by our award-winning team of Toyota factory trained and certified service technicians. We work quickly and efficiently to get your vehicle in and back to you in a timely manner. Have questions about the appropriate oil or filter for your vehicle or simply want to schedule a service appointment? Contact our team today!


How expensive is it to change your own oil?